The skunk population on the CT. Shoreline is usually healthy. Milder temperatures, summer homes and cottages offering
nesting space in our area.  Skunks will dig a lawn for grubs and get into trash if permitted as well.
Skunks breed in late winter and that activity will be the source of odor as males fight over females in heat.
These battles can be to the death.   Young will be born in April to May and the average litter number I've seen in this area is 8 or
We are specialists in this area, knowing the animal's habits. We can remove skunks quickly from under your home or
outbuilding and screen off their entry as well.
We have fogging machines for inside and outside the home to handle the worst odors these animals can produce.  
Moth balls and radios will not remove these animals from under the home. A trained professional is the most cost effective and
permanent solution. The experienced trapper can remove skunks from their hiding spot quickly and efficiently
Call us for any of your skunk problems, we're here to help!
A  young Skunk under a
lawnmower, Madison
I'd say this area has it's share of resident
skunks!  "skunk misery rd"  in
We can safely remove Skunks from your home, shed or deck. Generally, this
will be with the use of cage traps and trapping. If they are in your garage or
say, stuck in a window well, we will sometimes remove them by hand.
All skunks are removed alive and without odor.
opening so that you don't have the problem again. Afterwards, we can
screen a deck or ground opening so that you don't have the problem again.  
We use only the best screen, Galvanized and then vinyl coated so it will last
for many, many years to come.
Trapping skunks in Branford CT.
Branford has always had a
healthy Skunk population
Professional Skunk removal, trapping and control in
We have the experience to remove skunks from under your home with no odor. If they are damaging
your lawn, we can help with that as well. Call us for expert skunk control.
Did you know...
Skunks are not only excellent diggers
but are also good swimmers and can
climb pretty good if pressed to as
Skunks that were digging and living
under a deck in Guilford CT., safely
Skunks are most numerous along the shore in towns
Branford,Guilford,Madison, Clinton,Westbrook,Old Saybrook, Lyme,
East Lyme and Old Lyme,Waterford,New London,Groton,Stonington
and Mystic. This is due to the numerous cottages and summer
homes to live under, food availability  and milder temperatures.
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