The Gray Squirrel is Diurnal (active during the day) and is common throughout the
state. They have two litters a year with young appearing in the spring and late
summer. They will commonly run  on roofs to seek soft or rotted wood to chew
through or a gap to work their way into. They will chew through vents to gain entry
to the homes attic,ceilings, soffit and eves. They  regularly fall down chimneys.
A Gray Squirrel loose in the home living areas can cause tremendous damage if
no one is home. They will chew around the window and door areas, where they
can see out, sometimes ruining every window in the home in just a day or two. It is
also their instinct to store food such as acorns in an attic and people will
commonly report hearing them roll and drop the acorns on their ceilings.
The biggest concern however with gray Squirrels is their tendency to chew wiring.
This is why, as a safeguard, we recommend a smoke detector in every attic when
we service a home for Gray squirrels.   
Common times for the Gray Squirrel to be active in a home are dawn and dusk but
this can change with the weather and time of the year.  The Gray Squirrel is
common throughout all of Connecticut.

Flying squirrel in CT.
The Flying Squirrel is also very common in Connecticut. They are often mistaken
for a Chipmunk, or a baby squirrel when found in a home.  Normally found in
wooded areas but can also be found south of Rt 1, close to the water.
Flying Squirrels are nocturnal (active at night) and will occupy an attic or ceiling
space in the fall and winter and less in the summer months.
Their name can be misleading as they do not fly, but glide, capable of gliding over
150 feet. The higher they are in a tree, the farther they can glide.
Normally living in a tree hollow or woodpecker hole, they will adapt to open gaps
on a roof line or chew through a bug screen behind a gable vent to gain entry. In
the winter, it is common for us to remove one to two dozen from a single attic.
Flyer's as they are commonly called will run in an attic or ceiling space and can be
very loud!
They are very active in the wee hours of the night around 2:00 or 3:00 AM.  
Flying squirrel removal and exclusion (also called squirrel proofing) is something
that takes experience and we have the experience and know how to do the job
professionally.  Squirrel work, done properly requires special traps and the
experience to use them. In addition, a knowledge of the animal's habits and what it
is doing at any given time of the year combine to successfully remove them from a
home or building. Every Squirrel job is a little different and unique in it's own way
as all homes or buildings can be different.
We have squirrel proofed hundreds of homes here on the shoreline and written
articles in trade magazines such as Wildlife Control Technology (WCT)
on our methods.  You can trust us to do the job right.     
A young gray squirrel
removed from a wall  
East Haven Ct.
A Flying Squirrel
photographed just under a
bird feeder in Clinton CT.
A gray squirrel , peeking out of a
gable vent.
He looks a little bit spooky !
North Madison Ct.

Expert Squirrel removal, control,trapping and exclusion in
Gray Squirrel damage
North Guilford
Professional gray squirrel and flying squirrel trapping and removal services for  Branford, Gales Ferry, Groton, Guilford,
Madison,Chester, Clinton, Deep River,Durham, East Haven, East Lyme, Essex, Killingworth, Niantic, New Haven, North
Branford,North Guilford, North Madison, Northford, Middlefield, Middletown, Milford,Old Saybrook , Ledyard,, Lyme, Old
Lyme, Salem, Wallingford, Westbrook, West Haven  and many more towns in Connecticut.  Please call if your area is not
listed as we may still be able to service you or refer a local company to you.
The two photos to the right show the Flying
Squirrel on the left and a Chipmunk, on the
Flying Squirrels are often mistaken for
Chipmunks when discovered inside a
home.  Note the stripes and eye ring on the
Chipmunk and the larger eye on the Flying
Squirrel, which helps it see at night.
Both these animals were removed on the
same day,two flyer's from a fireplace in
Guilford and the Chipmunk from inside a
home in Stoney Creek, Branford CT.
Clicking on either photo will make it larger.
We can usually evict the Squirrels in your attic within 24 hours from the
start of the work, then trap them on the outside and most importantly,
seal up and repair the damage and openings that they have made.
Squirrels can make attic or ceiling noise at night and during the day
A Gray Squirrel on a roof
in Old Saybrook
We recently started
trapping this job and the
Squirrels were all over the
roof and going down the
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Flying Squirrel removal
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