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   Using the latest integrated pest control practices and hard work we won't rest until you can.

We want you to feel safe in your own home or business. Whether you have a Bat, Termite, Squirrel or other pest problem, we have a solution for you.

Licensed by the State of Connecticut in Wildlife and supervisory Pest Control

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NWCO 693

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When you call us you will likely Speak to Allison in the office who is knowledgeable and able to answer your questions  and make appointments.  Should you need to speak to Lenny, Dave or Steve we are always available to answer questions. 

Our experience over the years has been from small summer cottages on the shore to the largest homes to Plazas and local Restaurants. 

    We are able to give the smallest residential job the same attention and effort as the largest commercial work. 

We have thousands of satisfied customers who have permanent solutions to their pest and wildlife problems.

Our Pest & Wildlife Control Services


  • Termite Control

  • Ant Control

  • Mice and Rat Elimination

  • Mole and Voles

  • Bed Bugs

  • Cockroach Elimination

  • Spiders, clothes moths, Pantry pests of all types.

  • Bat Removal, Eviction, Exclusion and Proofing

  • Squirrel work of all types.

  • Bird Control

  • Raccoon and Skunk -                     Please see our services page for more information and a full list of all our services                   



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About Us

Family owned and run

    Located in Clinton and in business for 18 years now we have had the pleasure of serving the Connecticut Shoreline and Inland areas for Wildlife and Pest Control Issues. 

   Lenny, Deanna, Allison, David and Stephen all have customer satisfaction in mind and we love what we do. 

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Do you have a bat in your home? Let us put our expertise to work for you. Whether  you have bats in your attic, ceiling spaces or walls we can help. If you are experiencing bats flying in and out of your home roof line or vents give us a call. We understand the bats life cycle and habits and can get them out and keep them out without harming a single bat.

  Once we remove the bats and seal your home they will not be able to get back in but they tend to stay in your neighborhood.   


Remember bats may fly close to you but do not attack people. Remain calm. On average less than 3% of bats in CT have rabies.

If possible, isolate the bat to one room by shutting the door.  This keeps you from loosing track of where it is.

Decide if you want to just get it outside or contain it for rabies testing.

    If the bat is found at night and there is the possibility of it having been in bedrooms with people sleeping, testing is appropriate. This is especially true with young children and sick or elderly persons. IF THE BAT IS KNOWN TO HAVE BITTEN, SCRATCHED OR MADE SKIN CONTACT WITH SOMEONE IT MUST BE CONTAINED AND SUBMITTED FOR TESTING AS SOON AS POSSIBLE.

    If there is no known or suspected contact you may decide to open a window and let the bat leave. It is never a bad idea to call us if you are unsure as well as your Doctor for advice.

    Containing a bat if it is resting somewhere can be as easy as placing a coffee can or similar over it and sliding a piece of cardboard over the opening, then carefully placing a lid on the can as you remove the cardboard. It should be kept in a cool place. We can euthanize the bat for testing.

Please realize that a bat in the living space of your home almost always came from the attic or ceiling spaces and you should call for a bat inspection so we can access the situation.

Your local Health Department or Animal control officer can be good resources for transporting bats for testing.   We can be reached at 860-552-4529


The Best Bat Removal  & Bat Control in Connecticut


Len, Your visit was very much appreciated and your son is really nice.

Robin Howard


Thank you for the prompt and effective service.

Ed Cantrall - Essex CT.

   I have had rodent issues inside

and outside of my home as well as

ant problems.  I think the rodents know when Lenny is coming and

they pack up and move out as

soon as he shows up.

Thank you Lenny! We are grateful you took care of these 'pesty' issues very promptly. I trust Lenny with

my home and my pets. He was very careful with their safety.

Kathy Strong

Clinton CT.

You have totally solved my problem. I don't hear any more mice upstairs and it is very nice to be able to sleep at night. I did call the other extermination company and was able to get almost a full refund.  Thanks for doing a great job.

Betsey Graham - Madison CT.