A Turkey Vulture had died inside this chimney.That cause the room to become infested with beetles and flies that had to be treated with a insecticide and odor control. Durham

sub slab injection.jpg

Sub slab injecting for Termites- Ledyard

Steve installing Electric shock track to deter Seagulls from the roof of a shopping plaza. Odor from nesting Gulls made its way into some of the stores via the HVAC systems.

Old Saybrook


Regal Cinemas, Branford. Vulture Problem

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The Movie theater was having Turkey Vultures perching on the roof. They were looking in the windows above the entry doors at the people in the lobby and creating a mess with their droppings on the roof and sidewalks.

We got to work installing electric Flex Track on the roof and tower. It delivers a shock that is harmless but will cause the birds to move and avoid the roof. It is powered by a solar charger also mounted somewhere on the roof.

It worked perfectly.

We have used this product to control Seagulls and Pigeons as well and it works without question.

   We love installing it because we know how good it works.

   It will fix the worst bird problems and last for many years.

Roof shingles can be damaged to the point of needing replacement, especially from Seagulls with their droppings and by them cracking crabs, clams and the like by dropping them on the roof.



birds mall 7.jpg
birds mall 5.jpg

Sparrows inside the mall everywhere but especially the food court

birds mall 3.jpg

Any job starts with a thorough inspection. We located where the birds were getting into the building. 

    Open garage doors let them into areas where other openings allowed them to find their way into the commercial areas.

birds mall 4.jpg

Note the bird droppings under the hole in the ceiling.

birds mall 6.jpg
Birds mall 1.jpg
mall birds 2.jpg

Once the openings were located we used traps inside the garage areas and other spots inside  where the birds would find them. We sealed the openings with screening, concrete, caulking and aluminum sheeting. We never ever use foam to seal openings on a bird job. End result is no more birds in the mall.